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Click HERE to view Corporate Policy Applications from the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch.

The policy outlines:
•  Applications requirements;
•  Previous policy direction from Council on cannabis retail as well as previous liquor applications;
•  How council will conduct the provincially mandated requirement to gather the views of property owners/occupants in the applicable area and the community as a whole, which is to be unique to each application;
•  Criteria Council may consider when evaluating an application.

Associated Fees:
Occupant load calculation for a liquor application - $250
Liquor license application - in conjunction with a rezoning - $300
Liquor license application - no rezoning required - $1000
Cannabis retail application - $2000

Business license fee:
Cannabis retail - $300
Liquor primary - $70

Town of Golden Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1402, 2018 – Cannabis introduced the permitted use of Cannabis Retail to the Mixed-Use Commercial C2 zone (which is the commercial area south of the Kicking Horse River bridge and between 6th St N and 7th St N). The bylaw also introduces the permitted use of Cannabis Production to the Light Industrial M2 zone. Click HERE to view the zoning map. 

*Please note - there are provincial and federal public use regulations you may wish to familiarize yourself with.

Adults 19+ can generally smoke or vape cannabis in public spaces where tobacco smoking and vaping are allowed. But remember, second-hand smoke can be harmful and irritating to people, especially children, so be mindful when smoking in public spaces.  However, smoking and vaping cannabis are not allowed in the following public places:

•  Playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, swimming pools and spray pools, or any decks or seating areas associated these places;
•  Public buildings, workplaces, or common areas of apartments, condos, or dormitories, and within six metres of air intakes, windows, and doorways attached to these places;
•  Regional and municipal parks, except for designated campsites;
•  Provincial parks, except for areas identified or designated;
•  Public patios;
•  Health board properties, except in designated smoking areas.

Non-medical cannabis consumption (in all forms) is banned on K-12 school properties, as well as any adjacent sidewalks or boulevards.

It’s also illegal for both driver and passenger(s) to consume non-medical cannabis in a car.

For more information on what’s legal, public use, health info, growing at home etc, please visit   and

The Town is still working on a no smoking bylaw.