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Golden Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the Town of Golden. The airfield supports day-time operations and is equipped with a paved 4,500 ft. x 75 ft. runway, several taxiways and parking areas, a terminal building, weather station, and aircraft fueling facilities. Several businesses and tenants are located at the Airport, including two helicopter operators, a skydiving organization, Golden and District Search and Rescue, a wildfire suppression base, and private aircraft hangars. Approximately 5,300 aircraft movements were recorded in 2019, including:
  • Commercial activities (e.g. heliskiing, skydiving);
  • Corporate and charter flights;
  • Recreational aircraft;
  • Air ambulance flights;HM-AERO-PNG.png
  • Search and rescue missions;
  • Wildfire suppression operations; and
  • Military and law enforcement.

Project OverviewProject-Flow-Chart-(1).PNG
The Town of Golden has commissioned a comprehensive review of the current and potential future roles of Golden Municipal Airport. HM Aero Aviation Consulting has been retained to complete an Airport Viability Study.

The study will involve the evaluation of airport infrastructure, operations, financial standing, and the identification of potential aeronautical and non-aeronautical business opportunities. A fundamental component of the study is engaging with local, regional, and national stakeholders to obtain perspectives on future opportunities that could enhance the economic and social benefit of the Airport.

View the project flow chart here or click the image on the right. 

Additional background information can be viewed here.

Project Update: October 2020

HM Aero presented the final Golden Municipal AIrport Economic Viability Study report to Council on October 20. Council voted unanimously to continue the operation of the Golden Airport as an aerodrome and directed the consultants to proceed with developing strategic and tactical plans to facilitate this. You can view the reports presented to Council below: