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***Please note: The online Home Owner Grant application is available in late May when property taxes are calculated until the end of December each year.

The Home Owner Grant is a property tax assistance program offered by the Province of British Columbia. This program helps homeowners reduce the amount of taxes they pay on their homes. The funds raised from the property taxes you pay are used to provide programs and services.

What is eHOG and what are its benefits?
Launched May 2009, eHOG is an on-line application service for Town of Golden property owners who qualify for the Home Owner Grant. Accessed through this eHOG LINK  the on-line service saves property owners from having to drop off or mail their application to Town Hall each year. If a taxpayer chooses to pay their property taxes through their eligible on-line financial institutions, they can now complete the entire property tax payment process on-line.

How does it work?
It’s easy. All you need is the Roll Number and eHOG Password from your property tax notice. Simply:
Click on this eHOG LINK
It takes less than a minute to file a basic grant application through eHOG. Those filing for the additional grant should take less than two minutes. Please ensure you complete all applicable fields including your contact phone number and e-mail address.

Who can use eHOG?
Anyone who qualifies for a basic or additional Home Owner Grant can use eHOG. Home Owner Grants are available to property owners who are permanent residents of BC, Canadian residents or landed immigrants, and whose principal residence is the eligible property listed in the application. Additional grants are also available for senior citizens, those receiving veteran allowances or people with permanent disabilities. More information on Home Owner Grant eligibility is available by contacting the Town Tax Collector at 250-344-2271 ext. 230, or taxes@golden.ca, or visiting the Provincial Government Home Owner Grant frequently asked question website

How does eHOG handle the documentation for additional grants?
The eHOG system prompts the user if additional information is required. In some cases, documentation might have to be submitted to the Town’s Tax Office to confirm eligibility for the additional grant.

What if I don’t have a computer at home?
Those without home computers can access eHOG through the community-use computers at the
Okanagan Regional Library or the Women’s Centre. The traditional Home Owner Grant application methods are also still available.

Can I pay my taxes with my credit card?
The Town has considered the option of allowing credit card payments as a means of enhancing our customer service. Unfortunately, there is a 2% (or more) processing fee charged for credit card transactions. The Town's total levy for taxes (including taxes collected for other levels of Government) is more than $7 million. If, for example, all taxpayers paid their taxes by credit card, the Town would need to reduce services and/or raise the tax rates to recover the more than $14 thousand additional dollars required to cover the bank charges for the credit card transactions. At this time, our priority is to keep our rates as low as we can. For this reason, we are not currently accepting credit card payments.

What is the deadline for using eHOG?
The deadline for eHOG applications is the same as for other methods of applying for the Home Owner Grant: when property taxes are due. For 2019, taxes are due July 2. If the grant is not claimed by the tax due date, a 10% penalty will apply.

How was eHOG developed?
The Town of Golden developed eHOG in conjunction with BC Tax Collectors (an organization comprised of tax-levying bodies) and with the approval of the provincial Home Owner Grant Administration Branch. The Temple software developed for eHOG is a proven technology that is utilized by many other municipalities.