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The Town of Golden’s Bylaw Enforcement function provides the citizens of Golden with a variety of services related to regulatory issues. Some of the Town of Golden’s bylaws require a proactive approach, but primarily we respond reactively on a complaint-driven basis. The Bylaw Enforcement function is committed to the delivery of professional bylaw enforcement services in a timely effective manner, in accordance, with Council direction. You can view the Town's Bylaw Enforcement Policy HERE.

The Bylaw Enforcement function attempts to first gain compliance through education and communication but ultimately, where required, through enforcement actions such as issuing tickets or seeking resolution through the Bylaw Adjudication System.

For reference only, staff have provided a list of some of our most frequently requested bylaws here:

Animal Control Bylaw (You can learn more about our Dog Licensing Program HERE.)
Noise Bylaw
Sign Control Bylaw
Traffic, Parking and Streets Bylaw (Amendment 1996, Amendment 1997View the map HERE
Water System Rates and Regulations Bylaw

Property Maintenence Bylaw
Public Spitting, Urination and Defecation Bylaw
Fireworks Regulation Bylaw

If your requested bylaw is not here, you can seacrh using the Bylaws Search page HERE.

Inquiries & Complaints

Please contact Bylaw Enforcement regarding any inquiries or complaints through the following methods:

Call Bylaw Enforcement at 250-344-2271 ext. 234

Email Bylaw Enforcement at 

Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form

Use our online form to submit a bylaw infraction here, or click the button below. Physical copies of the form are also available at Town Hall and can be filled out and submitted in person. 


Paying a Bylaw Ticket

Payment options for the Town of Golden include:

1. In Person:

  • 810 9th Avenue South, Golden, BC.
  • Accepted methods: Money Order, Interac, or Cash  
2. By Mail:
  • Accepted methods: Cheque Money Order made payable to:  

                                        Town of Golden
                                        PO Box 350
                                        Golden, BC V0A 1H0

3. Online using PayTM: PayTM is a service provider that lets people pay their propertytaxes, utilites, and other Town of Golden invoices with their credit or debit card. Click here to learn more and pay online using PayTM. 


See some Frequently Asked Questions about Bylaw Enforcement by clicking HERE.

See some Frequently Asked Questions about the Bylaw Notice & Adjudication process by clicking HERE.

The most commonly used bylaws are displayed on this page. Please be aware that the bylaws may not be complete due to pending updates, amendments or revisions, and therefore, are provided for reference purposes only. The Town of Golden will not be liable or responsible to any person for damages of any kind arising out of the use of the bylaws contained here.


Quartery Bylaw Statistics

Each quarter, the Town of Golden reports to Council on a number of Bylaw statistics. Please see below for the Q4 2019 report.