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The Town of Golden works with residents to make sure cats, dogs, their owners and neighbours are safe and can enjoy Golden and all it has to offer.

Below are some reminders about Responsible Pet Ownership in Golden.

Caring for your animal

Animal overpopulation is an ongoing problem in many places. Spaying or neutering your pet helps prevent overpopulation and keeps animals from becoming homeless, overcrowding shelters, and being euthanized. The Town of Golden offers reduced license fees for spayed or neutered dogs. 

No one may keep more than three cats or dogs over the age of four months within the Town of Golden.

A dog or cat must be provided with the following basic standards of care:
  • Clean potable drinking water at all times and suitable food of sufficient quantity and quality.
  • Food and water receptacles that are kept clean and located away from contamination such as pet waste.
  • Training, physical care, socialization and medical attention when needed.

Dogs and cats must not:
  • Be confined in an enclosed space, including a car, without adequate ventilation.
  • Be hitched, tied or fastened by any rope, chain or cord that is directly tied around the animal's neck or to a choke collar.
  • Willfully released, teased, tormented or wounded.

If an animal is kept outside for short or extended period of times, it must be provided:
  • Shelter
    • protecting the animal from heat, cold and wet;
    • appropriate to the animal’s weight and type of coat; and,
    • with enough space to allow the animal to turn about freely, easily stand, and to sit and lie in a normal position.
  • An area with sufficient shade to protect the animal from direct sun at all times.
  • Any pen or run area must be regularly cleaned and sanitized and all pet waste removed at least once a day.

For dog owners

License and keep an identification tag on your dog. This is your dog’s ticket back home. Licenses are required by the Town and must be renewed each year and displayed on your dog’s collar. Find out more about the dog licensing program here.Infographic-On-Leash-Map-8-5-x-11.png

Dogs off leash:
  • Don’t let your dog run loose. Dogs must not be allowed to run at large.
  • Keep an eye on your dog.
  • Use effective hand and/or voice control.
  • Respect other dogs and owners. Don’t let your dog run up to other dogs or people unless you know them.

Dogs must be on a leash in the following areas:
  • The downtown core, from 10th Ave N. (Highway 95) to the Kicking Horse River and to 7th St. N;
  • the Highway 95 bridge that crosses the Kicking Horse River;
  • cenotaph Park;
  • both sides of 10th Ave. S to the CP Rail overpass just south of town; and,
  • along the Rotary trail from the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge to the Municipal Campground.

Check out the on-leash map here. 

Dog waste can be harmful to people, pets and the environment, if not picked up and disposed of properly.  Here’s what you can do to help keep Golden’s parks, pathways and sidewalks clean and safe:

  • Always carry pet waste bags when walking your dog. Don’t worry, if you forget there are free dogwaste bags available around town and along the Rotary Trail.
  • Pick up your pet’s waste by placing your hand in the bag, grabbing the waste, turning the bag inside out, closing the bag and properly disposing of your dog’s waste at a nearby receptacle.

To view the Animal Control Bylaw in its entirety, click here.