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Golden is a friendly and diverse community with warm and welcoming locals, it has plenty of room for tourists and visitors alike. Once you arrive here, it won’t take long until you are waving at new friends at the local grocer, smiling at a friendly face in the downtown core, or swapping stories at a local restaurant or community event.

In the off-season Golden is quiet and serene, during the winter and summer months, the town comes alive with many new faces and visitors who bring their unique skill contribution to the community, while many come for a season, some stay for years and settle into a friendly and community-minded mountain home.

Many community members find themselves getting involved shortly after moving here.
With so much to take part in, Golden has no shortage of volunteer opportunities and fun activities for the newcomer to get involved in.

Volunteers in Our Community

Golden’s community is rich with people of all ages who volunteer for various organizations, services, and clubs. dedication can be seen in the woman who walks to Durand Manor everyday to read, visit and support the senior’s who are living there; the man who rides his bike to the Golden Food Bank every Wednesday to assist in making food baskets; the woman who answers a crisis call at 1am for the Golden Women’s Resource Centre; to the high school students who help young kids read through the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. These are just a few examples of the wide-range of activities members of our community donate their time to.

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