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CSRD_LOGO-(1).JPGTown-Logo-small-(1).jpgParticulars of Sale Offering

Building and Land

Full-view.jpgList Price:                       $1,500,000.00

Location:                        111 Golden Donald Upper Road, Golden BC
                                         NTS 82N BCGS 82N.036 PID: 026-098-130
                                         LTO Document Number: CA6151239

Legal Description:         Lot A, Section 13, Township 27 Range 22, W5M, Kootenay District,
                                         Plan NEP75597 except Plan EPP3727 and EPP 9425

Parcel Size:                     0.55ha, (1.35 acres) occupied by building and xeriscaping, virtually all  paved
                                         for sidewalks, curbs and parking. A small forested area exists on the site.

IMG_0072.JPGBuilding Fast Facts:       Built in 2005
                                          Building size: 566m2 (6,100ft2)
                                          Great hall: 3,176ft2
                                          Board room: 209ft2
                                          Total office space: 715ft2
                                          Staff kitchen: 170ft2
                                          Storage: 252ft2
                                          Metal sheet aesthetic cladding
                                          Slab on grade
                                          400A service
                                         Two fabric roof systems (one
                                          entirely replaced in 2016)
                                          Frame and timber construction
                                          Meets several LEED milestones
                                          Dual Forced air electric HVAC systems
                                          Energy efficient lighting and design
                                          Water conserving faucets and toilets
                                          Fully sprinklered
                                          Large Great Hall with reception area,
                                          separated office spaces, staff  kitchen, 
                                          board room and multi-stall washrooms

Operating Costs:            Annually, based upon a 364 day operation as a visitor centre (2016 figures)
                                          Property Taxes                 $21,000
                                          Utilities (w/s/power)       $15,000
                                          Building Insurance           $10,000
                                          Garbage/Recycling          $1,800
                                          HVAC                                 $1,500
                                          Security                             $350

IMG_0075.JPGThe property was originally a part of the adjacent highway maintenance yard and housed a storage facility and fuelling station.  Following its subdivision from the yard, an environmental investigation revealed levels of contamination.  The Remediation Closure Report and associated documents included for information on this page confirms the full excavation of all contaminated soils in the area and replacement with clean fill.

The property was acquired by the Crown and in a partnership between three provincial ministries, Kicking Horse Mountain Resport, and a local economic development society, the building was constructed.  Purpose built as a high capacity tourism visitor centre, the building was designed to resemble highway and rail snow sheds that are present throughout the mountains and established by the Province to function as one of 6 provincial gateway centres leading up to and promoting the 2010 Olympic winter games.  The building functioned as a provincial visitor centre for 10 years in this capacity.

The paved area provides flow and parking for up to 70 vehicles including tour busses.  The steel cladding provides for a modern and maintenance free exterior and the timber accents throughout are an expose of architectural design in the area.

Inside, a large great hall stretching to a height of over 5m offers a multitude of possibilities for retail, commercial production, and showcasing.  Ample office space is available for administration, and the kitchen is excellent for accommodating staff needs.  An attractive boardroom comfortably seats 12 people.  The washroom facilities are expansive given the original purpose of the building, with multiple stalls and sinks for each gender and an accessible/family unit as well.  There is a storage room, mechanical room, and janitors closet as well.  Lighting throughout is extensive and varied.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind building and location with great business potential and a unique curb appeal.

Environmental information, photos, maps and land detail and building blueprints can be accessed via the callout box on the right hand side of the page. For more information including arranging for a privately scheduled tour of the property and other details, contact:

Town of Golden

A representative from the Town of Golden or our Sales Consultant Glen Ewan will be happy to answer your questions.

Prospective Buyers:
The deadline for bids for purchase of this sale offering is 2:00pm Mountain Daylight Time, July 30th, 2018.  Sealed bids will be received in confidence:

By Post to:          Jon Wilsgard, Chief Administrative Officer
                             Town of Golden
                             810 9th Street South, Box 350, Golden BC V0A 1H0

By Email to:

A tour of the building and site can be arranged for any prospective buyer.


Requests for expression of interest

(Offer of Sale)




1.      Background and Purpose

111 Golden Donald Upper Road is the site of the previous provincial visitor centre building.  Inside the Great Hall portion is a bank of retail shelving purpose-built for the centre to showcase a variety of merchandise.
The robust, custom set of shelving is crafted from attractive beetle kill pine sourced from the Cariboo Region of BC.  A lighting system is also included.  Rack heights are fully adjustable.
As owner of the building, the Town of Golden is seeking to sell and have the shelving removed in order that the Great Hall area be more open to varied uses by the eventual property owner, subject to building sale.
3.      Purchase Bid Requirements
Bids shall include the price for purchase and full removal of the entire shelving system and associated electrical/lighting components shown in this Offer. The successful purchaser is required to repair the wall structures behind the shelving to their original condition and the building must be left in the condition it was found.
4.      Bid Evaluations
Proposals will be evaluated by highest purchase price, guarantee of restoration work, and timing at which the shelves can be removed.
The minimum bid price is $4,500.  The highest priced or any proposal may not necessarily be accepted.  The accepted purchase price is payable in full prior to any removal work commencing.
7.      General Notations
Any damage caused by the successful purchaser, or subordinates, to the public property including but not limited to buildings, property surrounding the buildings, surface fixtures which may include trees, shrubbery, fences or other outdoor appurtenances, or private vehicles will be their responsibility.  Every effort must be made to mitigate damage to areas surrounding the immediate work site.
Shelving and associated electrical components are offered for sale “as is”; the Town of Golden offers no guarantees, representations, or warranty’s associated with it.
7.      Bid Particulars
Sealed bids are to be delivered to the attention of Jon Wilsgard, CAO, Town of Golden, 810 9th Avenue South, no later than 2:00 p.m. MST, June 15th, 2018.  Email submissions will also be accepted to the address below.  You can access the Purchase Bid form HERE. All bids MUST be submitted on and within this form.  Tenders will not be opened in public.  
Prospective bidders are advised to view the shelving prior to submitting a proposal.  A site visit may be arranged through either of the two contacts below.
Jon Wilsgard, CAO/Corporate Officer                         Chris Cochran, Operations Manager
T: 250.344.2271/237                                                    T: 250.344.2271/226
E:                                                          E: