Flood Watch Advisory: June 28 Print Article Font Size
Extremely hot temperatures over the past few days has led to accelerated snowmelt rates from high elevation terrain from the Rocky Mountain and Columbia Mountains. With the high temperatures forecasted for this week, the Columbia and Kicking Horse Rivers are expected to continue rising. The Golden and Area Emergency Program Coordinator is monitoring the situation and we will provide updates as necessary and when available.⁣

With the increased river flow, we would like to remind residents to use extra caution in and around the river during this time:⁣
  • Exercise caution around river banks as fast-moving water can cause erosion and destabilization of river banks.⁣
  • Warn children about the dangers of fast-moving water, especially if you live near the river.⁣
  • Keep pets away from fast-moving water.⁣
At this time Golden is under a Flood Watch, view the Provincial advisory here: