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Visit our Town of Golden Council portal to view the detailed calendar of corporate meetings and events, and past and current agendas and minutes of council and committees.

The Town of Golden council meets generally on the first and third Tuesday of every month, except in July and August, when there is just one meeting, on the second Tuesday.  The first meeting of the months is held at 7:00pm; the second meeting of the month is held at 1:15pm.  Standing Committee meetings are held anywhere between 10:00am and 3:00pm on the second or fourth Tuesdays of the month as required or unless otherwise rescheduled.

Virtual Public Meetings
Members of the public are invited to attend in person, or virtually via Zoom. For more information on attending or participating in a virtual public meeting, click here. 

Municipal councils have four different types of meetings:

This meeting is largely ceremonial and legally inducts newly elected members of council to their position.

Regular Open
These meetings are pre-scheduled official meetings of Council wherein the business of the corporation is conducted.  It is at these meetings where issues are discussed and debated, determinations are made, and direction is given to staff. The public is welcome to attend all such meetings to bear witness to the affairs of municipal government. Public input to council may take the form of a pre-approved delegation (a presentation on a specific topic which must be reserved at least a week prior by application to the Council Clerk).  See Appearing Before Council on the sidebar to the right for more information.

Special Open
These are previously unscheduled but official meetings of Council wherein the business of the corporation is conducted.  Special meetings are typically convened to address emergent topics and time sensitive issues, that either require immediate attention or have associated timelines that must be met that cannot be dealt with in the timing of regular open council meetings.  These meetings tend to focus on a singular issue and do not include provision for delegations unless the subject matter of the meeting requires it.  They are open to the public.

Special Closed
Council and Committee meetings may be closed to the public under special circumstances pending the subject matter under discussion.  Some of the topics which may be closed to the public may include those involving receipt of advice under solicitor-client privilege, property acquisition or disposition, law enforcement matters, personnel issues, litigation, and negotiations around new services if there are confidential matters involved.

Other Meetings:

Municipal Councils often establish official committees to undertake specific tasks or subject matter.  Committee meetings are held in the same manner as council, and bound to the same rules and types of meetings described above except for the inaugural meeting.  For a list of current council committees, see Current Council Committees.

Public Hearings
These are not actual meetings as no decisions are made while they are held.  Public Hearings are special requirements of local governments in specific circumstances.  Similar to a court of law, they provide the public with an opportunity to be officially heard before council.  Public Hearings are required before a council adopts an Official Community Plan, a Zoning Bylaw or amends either.