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Business Licences

Who needs a Town of Golden Business Licence?

Any person owning or operating a business within The Town of Golden is required to hold a valid business licence as regulated by the Town of Golden Business Licencing Bylaw No. 990. A business is defined as a commercial or industrial undertaking of any kind or nature, or the provision of professional, personal or other services for the purpose of gain or profit.

Getting a Business Licence

Short Term Rentals

All Short Term Rental (STR) and Bed & Breakfast (B&B) operators in Golden are required to have a business license.  There are three types Business Licences for STRs/B&Bs:

  1. Bed and Breakfast Business Licence
  2. Short-term Rental Business Licence - Residential Zone
  3. Short-term Rental Business Licence - Commercial Zone.

Visit the Short Term Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts page to learn more and prepare your application.

Liquor & Cannabis Businesses

View the Corporate Policy Applications from the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch.

The policy outlines:

  • application requirements;
  • previous policy direction from Council on cannabis retail as well as previous liquor applications;
  • how council will conduct the provincially mandated requirement to gather the views of property owners/occupants in the applicable area and the community as a whole, which is to be unique to each application; and
  • criteria that Council may consider when evaluating an application.

Contact Information

Town of Golden Front Office: 250-344-2271

Business Licence Department: 250-344-2271 ext.231

Fax: 250-344-6577