Temporary Licence of Occupation

A Temporary Licence of Occupation (TLO) gives legal authority for a business, individual, or group to utilize public property in order to carry out specific activities.

These activities can include outdoor restaurants, bar patios, sidewalk cafes, merchant displays, food trucks, raffle stands, charity barbeques, street performers, faires, parades, weddings, sporting events and Farmers Markets.

These all require the use of public space such as sidewalks, boulevards, rights of way, parks and parking spaces.  As these public spaces were built by and for the public through taxation, businesses and occupiers of these public spaces must come with terms and conditions, which may include payment for the use of the space.

To apply, fill out the application form online below. Or you can download and print the application form to fill out by hand.

Once you have completed the online application form you can email it to the TLO department or print it and either bring it or mail it to our office for processing. We require the signed application form before we can start the TLO application process. You can get insurance for your event online by visiting the MIABC website.

View the TLO policy.

Please note that when applying for a TLO, it may take up to two weeks for approval, other regulations may apply, so plan ahead! 

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Temporary Licence of Occupation Application Form

For Sidewalk Cafes, Merchant Encroachments, Mobile and Non-Profit Vendors, Street Performers, Community Events, and Mobile Vendor Associations

Applicant Information

(Name of applicant and business/organization)

Licence Information

(What's the difference between them? See Activity Definitions in the Policy.)

Indicate the following if applicable:

Select from the following occupancy types
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This collection of personal information is authorized under Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This information will be used for processing this application. Questions can be directed to: Privacy Officer, Town of Golden, Box 350, 810 9th Ave N, Golden, BC V0A 1H0, 250-344-2271, records@golden.ca