Transportation Plan

Aerial view of sun setting over the Town of Golden

The Town of Golden is working to develop a community-wide Transportation Plan to help shape the future of transportation in Golden over the next 20 years.

Transportation is a big part of our daily lives, it affects how we move throughout town, how our community looks and feels, and how we interact with one another. The Transportation Plan will recommend short, medium and long-term improvements that will help residents of Golden move through the community in a more safe and efficient way whether by car, on foot, or on wheels.

The Plan Process

Phase 1


Phase 2

Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5

Project Launch  Summer 2021

Round 1: Fall 2021

Defining the Vision
Fall 2021

Exploring Opportunities
Winter 2021

Round 2: Winter 2022

Refining Options
Winter 2022

Round 3: August 2022

Final Plan Spring 2023


Through the planning process, the Town worked to identify various strategies and projects to improve the transportation network for all users.

The Plan

The final Transportation Plans provide short, medium and long-term plans for capital improvements required to accommodate projected growth and anticipated developments, respond to new transportation needs and trends, and develop a strategy for prioritizing the capital improvements. This plan will provide the basis for creating a road Development Cost Charge (DCC) applicable to developers to help offset the costs associated with road improvements related to future growth. This would provide another funding tool, in addition to taxation and grant funding.

The Golden Transportation Plan has been developed and includes an Active Transportation Network Plan, Golden Selkirk Hill Operational and Safety Review, and Traffic Calming Toolbox:

  1. 2023 Golden Transportation Plan
  2. 2023 Active Transportation Network Plan 
  3. Golden Selkirk Hill Operational and Safety Review
  4. Traffic Calming Toolbox

The Transportation Plan will be presented to Council on May 16, 2023.

Public Engagement

Public engagement was conducted throughout the process to collect input from residents on their values and experiences, thoughts and ideas and a final check-in before finalizing the plan. Learn more about each phase of the public engagement process, including What We Heard, below.