Downtown Street Renewal: 9th Avenue North

Town Projects

The Town of Golden is committed to the ongoing inventory, analysis, and prioritization of core infrastructure renewals. This includes upgrades and improvements for roads and deep utilities; buildings and the systems associated with them. 

The Downtown Street Renewal project on the 600 block of 9th Avenue North is one of the top infrastructure replacement priorities according to our 2019 Infrastructure Replacement Priority Plan. 

In 2021 we asked our approximately 3,700 citizens for permission to borrow $5M for the replacement of deep utilities, road structure, surface, and streetscape renewal for two downtown streets which they overwhelmingly did. Work on 9th Street North between IGA and Ford is expected to be complete by the end of June 2022.

2022 Work:

Starting in early April until the end of June, crews will undertake the complete renewal of the 600 block of 9th Avenue North including the renewal of underground utilities, complete replacement of the existing road structure, new enhanced storm infrastructure, and the construction of new curbing, sidewalk and landscape features. The work will also include improved street lighting along 7th Street North between 8th and 9th Avenues North as well as interconnecting sidewalks (see the map below). The work will mean a closure to vehicular traffic during the construction period while water, sanitary and storm infrastructure are renewed and a new road structure is put in place. Customer access to all adjacent businesses will be maintained at all times during construction.

Map identifying the construction area of the 600 block of 9th Avenue North

Construction Impacts:

  • Starting Monday, April 4, the 600 block of 9th Avenue North (highlighted on the map above), will be closed to through traffic. Pedestrian customer access to all adjacent businesses will be maintained at all times during construction.
  • Contractors will be undertaking asphalt removal with a sub-contractor on Wednesday, April 6. From there the project will be moving forward with excavation works.

All reasonable efforts will be made by the contractor to minimize disturbance to adjacent businesses and the surrounding business community during the course of construction.  Despite this, heavy equipment traffic and noise, compactor vibration, and dust should be expected. 

Project Details:

The project includes the following components:

  • Replacement and upsizing of the existing 200mm AC water main to 250mm PVC pipe;
  • Replacement of the existing 200mm AC sewer main with 200mm PVC pipe;
  • Replacement of existing water and sewer services to property line;
  • Servicing of vacant properties to property line;
  • Replacement and enhancement of existing stormworks;
  • Deep replacement of road structure;
  • New road surface, curbing, sidewalks;
  • New street lighting and final landscaping; and
  • Sidewalk, curbing and street lighting on 7th Street North.