Corporate Services & Communications

The Corporate Services & Communications team is responsible for providing support to Town Council; developing and managing the majority of governance and corporate processes, policies and bylaws; records, agreements and protocols; managing and overseeing Council meetings and muncipal elections; licencing; technology; bylaw education and enforcement; front counter services; and special service management. Corporate Services carries out statutory responsibilities as outlined in the Community Charter and Local Government Act and manages Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act compliance and requests. 

This team is also responsible for making sure residents of Golden understand and are aware of programs and services through communications, marketing, social media, media relations, and the Town of Golden website. They work with Council and the Senior Management to plan, develop, and tactically implement communications policies, strategies, and operational messaging on behalf of the Town.

For media inquiries, contact:

250-344-2271 ext. 235

Contact Information:


Director of Corporate Services & Communications/Corporate Officer:

Alysha Saville

250-344-2271 ext. 235

Manager of Corporate Services/Deputy Corporate Officer:

Carrie White

250-344-2271 ext. 224

Corporate Services Coordinator:

Brenda Smith

250-344-2271 ext. 241

Bylaw Enforcement Officer

250-344-2271 ext. 234