Dogwood Park Test Drilling

On October 16 and 17, contractors will be test drilling in Dogwood Park. Dogwood Park has been identified as a potential location for an additional drinking water well to support the Town of Golden’s water system.

Earlier this year, the Town completed a comprehensive study to determine a suitable location for an additional drinking water well. Based on criteria such as system risk protection and redundancy, as well as hydrogeological information to confirm a site that can produce the volume of water required to meet future demands, Dogwood Park was selected and approved as a location for test drilling to confirm a suitable water source both in terms of water quality and capacity.

Currently, summertime peak water demands are nearing the design capacity of our existing community water wells. This means we need to add additional water pumping capacity. Once the location is confirmed through successful drilling tests, we will need to build a pump house. This work is expected to take a couple of years to complete before it is up and running and capable of pumping water to our distribution system.

Additional testing will be completed in the first week of November.

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