Get ready for winter in Golden

Winter is on its way, and Town of Golden staff is prepared for snow removal duties to help keep roads and sidewalks safe this season.

Golden’s average annual snowfall is 184 centimetres. When it snows, it’s the Town’s job to clear more than 55 kilometres of roads and over 20 kilometres of trails and sidewalks.

“Golden’s standard of snow maintenance far exceeds most communities in the province. We brand ourselves on it, and with the help of residents and businesses we can continue that reputation,” said Jon Wilsgard, Chief Administrative Officer.

It can take a minimum of two to three days to recover from a large snowstorm. The Town’s Snow Clearing and Sanding Policy focuses on providing safe municipal roads, sidewalks and parking lots during winter conditions through effective, efficient and affordable snow and ice control operations.

The policy provides staff with an established priority-based system for winter maintenance. Hills, major streets and emergency routes are cleared first. In general, after a snowstorm, priority removal begins with 9th Street South and 10th Avenue North (within the confines of the Town’s jurisdiction); significant hills including Selkirk, Lafontaine and Gareb Road; the area around the Fire Hall; and school routes.

Once main routes are cleared, snow removal continues with Town owned parking areas; remaining residential streets; the Airport; and remaining sidewalks and trails. Driveways of registered seniors and people with disabilities are plowed after an initial clean-up has been completed, keeping in mind that initial clean-up can take two to three days after a large snowstorm.

“The priority-based system helps keep the greatest number of drivers, and emergency vehicles, moving safely through the community,” explained Wilsgard. “We thank residents for their patience and cooperation during the winter months.”

Residents and businesses are encouraged to do their part to help Golden’s snow removal crew be as effective as possible.

For residents

Keeping Golden’s roads and alleyways clear is an important part of helping make winter operations more efficient and to ensure public safety:

  • Keep vehicles off roadways and out of alleyways leading up to and after a storm event.
  • Throughout the winter season keep roads, alleyways and boulevards clear of woodpiles, cars, boats, travel trailers, recreational vehicles and anything else that might obstruct snow removal or emergency vehicles.
  • Watch for snow removal and parking restriction signs and adhere to all posted signage. 

When clearing driveways, clear to the right when facing the street and try to wait until the equipment has gone through at least once. Crews often return to widen roads which results in additional windrowing across driveways. Shovelling out on to the roadways is a bylaw infraction.

For businesses

Keeping sidewalks in Golden clear of snow and ice make winter safer for everyone. When a winter storm hits, Town crews will generally clear downtown sidewalks as soon as they can or when snowfall stops or lessens.

During business hours, it is the responsibility of businesses to remove snow around doorways, access areas and away from buildings, applying either traction control or ice melting product to the same area. Here are some tips for businesses:

  • Apply traction material or ice melting product to the entire area you clear.
  • DO NOT shovel snow over the curb and onto the street. This creates a compaction problem with vehicles, turning the snow into raised ice shelves that blocks drainage.
  • If you create a snowbank on the sidewalk at the curb, please cut a reasonable path for people to get from their vehicles to the sidewalk.

The Town reminds the community to be aware of equipment, ice on sidewalks and to plan ahead. Drive according to the conditions and if walking, wear appropriate footwear to prevent accidental slips and falls.

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