Province supports climate-emergency projects in Golden

The Town of Golden has received funding through the Community Emergency Preparedness Fund under the Disaster Risk Reduction-Climate Adaptation stream to support two projects in Golden.

$1.24 million will support additional raising of dike sections along the Kicking Horse River up to one metre above the one-in-200-year flood elevation. Earthen dike improvements will take place along Fisher Road, and a concrete flood wall extension will be constructed near adjacent to the Highway 95 bridge connecting to the River Walk. Ice jams during the winter and high water during spring freshet have threatened flooding in Golden over the past several years. The earthen dike project includes dike crest raising, rock armouring, dike face reshaping, and vegetation restoration. The concrete flood wall extension includes design services for ultimate construction in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

$135,000 will be used to complete an Integrated Water Plan that will evaluate climate-related risks on water infrastructure and inform growth related water demand management and conservation with a changing climate. This will make sure our infrastructure and systems can continue to provide an adequate supply of clean drinking water to our community now and into the future.

Both projects have commenced.  Earthen dike construction and the Integrated Water Plan are anticipated to be completed in 2024.  Timing for construction of the concrete flood wall extension has not been determined at this time.

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