Temporary Parking Lot

We have opened the lot next to DJ's as temporary public parking due to the use of the CP Parking Lot as part of the Kicking Horse Bridges Project construction. ⁣

This temporary parking lot will be available to the public until the Kicking Horse Bridges Project is complete or until the proposed Downtown Housing Project construction starts.⁣

Here are some additional tips for parking downtown:⁣

  • The downtown core (9th Ave N) has a limit of two-hour parking between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (unless otherwise posted).⁣
  • If you work downtown, if possible, please use your businesses parking lot or park in one of the many all-day parking areas.⁣
  • Skip the parking and traffic and bike, walk or roll downtown.
  • Check for signs! Take a look around and adhere to all posted traffic and parking signage
  • Check out the parking map at golden.ca/parking for all-day parking areas or head across the Highway 95 Bridge and park next to Kumsheen Park or on 9th Ave S. near Town Hall. ⁣
  • Make sure accessible parking spots remain open for those who need them.⁣

For more information on parking in Golden, visit golden.ca/parking.

temporary parking lot next to DJs
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