Town of Golden invites public to provide input on the 2023 Budget Book

The Town of Golden’s 2023 proposed annual budget and 2023-2027 proposed financial plan is now available as part of the 2023 Budget Book online, and in-person at Town Hall.

The Town is committed to sound financial management and developing a responsible budget. The proposed budget and five-year financial plan focuses on responsible spending including from a number of acquired grants and from borrowing.

“The Town of Golden is emerging from the pandemic years ready to move our community forward,” said Mayor Ron Oszust. “Continuing development activity, grant application successes, planned infrastructure replacements, ongoing service pressures, and internal staffing changes continue to propel us forward. Inflation is affecting us like everyone else and is concerning. The annual increase to our budget will reflect this, noting that we have made extra efforts to cut costs where possible and reduce budget focused workloads to balance inflation’s effect. But we still have some fantastic projects on the books for 2023.”

At the January 24, Regular Open Council meeting, Mayor and Council passed the first reading of the proposed budget and five-year financial plan.

Highlights from the Budget:

  • Budget increase: Last year the municipal property taxes collected from Golden residents was $6.19 million. As in prior years, Council sets a percentage increase to this portion of the budget based on the money needed to provide municipal services. This year, to offset inflation while still being cognizant of the impact on residents, Council is targeting a 6 per cent increase. While a 6 per cent increase will not balance the effects of inflation, it will help the municipality keep up with inflation while maintaining service levels. As always, the Town will be actively searching for as many grants as possible to alleviate the local tax burden for planned capital projects.
  • Reserves: Town staff will re-examine the reserve policy in 2023 to ensure adequate balances in forthcoming years.
  • 2023 Notable expenditures and initiatives: the downtown transformation will continue with a complete street renewal of 6th Street North, between Ford and the Downtown Auto Wash, and the redevelopment of the Post Office Plaza; another phase of boulevard beautification work on the Trans Canada Highway will take place; Golden Fire Rescue will purchase a new fire truck; repaving will start on the 500 block of 8th Street South; the skatepark expansion and Mount 7 Rec-Plex Block will be completed this year; and capital improvements to water and sewer systems will take place, keeping the most fundamental infrastructure for the community functional for the long term.

“Our budget is becoming increasingly easier to read and understand, and we’d like to hear what people think of that,” explained Chief Administrative Officer, Jon Wilsgard. “We have lots of time for public input this year. We encourage residents to participate and provide their thoughts. This is a chance for the community to ask questions, give feedback, learn about the different services the Town offers, and understand Council’s direction for 2023 and beyond.”

Residents are invited to provide feedback on the proposed budget and financial plan from now until February 21 through the following opportunities:

The public consultation period ends on February 21, 2023.

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