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2022 Municipal Election

General municipal elections are held every four years on the third Saturday in October throughout British Columbia. 

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2022 Golden General Election:

Saturday, October 15, 2022

You will vote on:

Three school trustees for School District No. 6 were elected by acclamation: Scott King, Jane Fearing and Rhonda (Hamilton) Smith.

2022 Key Dates:

2022 Official Election Results

2022 Election Candidates

Voter Information

You can vote in a civic election in Golden if you are a resident of Golden or own property in Golden, even if you don't currently reside in town. Learn more below about the criteria you are required to meet to be eligible to vote in the Golden election.

Candidate Information

Learn more below about criteria, nomination packages, rules, key dates and resources to run in the Golden election.

Council Remuneration

The Mayor's remuneration is approximately $29,000 per year and a member of Council's remuneration is approximately $16,000 per year.

Term of Office

If you are elected to office, you are expected to serve a full four year term. This term officially begins on November 1, 2022.

Contact Information:

Elections BC

250-387-5305 or 1-855-952-0280



Town of Golden

Alysha Saville, Chief Election Officer

250-344-2271 ext. 235

Carrie White, Deputy Election Officer

250-344-2271 ext. 224

Past Election Results

Town of Golden 2018 Election Results

Town of Golden Bylaws

Disclaimer: Information on the Town of Golden election webpage is provided for ease of reference. It is not intended to provide complete and/or comprehensive election information and is not a substitution for the rules and regulations regarding general local elections in the Local Government Act, Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, or any other applicable statute.