Bylaw Enforcement

The Town of Golden’s Bylaw Enforcement function is committed to the education and enforcement of the Town's bylaws to help promote a safe and harmonious community. We are committed to the delivery of professional bylaw enforcement services in a timely effective manner in accordance with Council direction. View the Town's Bylaw Enforcement Policy.

Through education and enforcement, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer, works with residents, business and visitors to create resolutions for a safer community, The Bylaw Enforcement function attempts to first gain compliance through education and communications but ultimately, where required, enforcement actions such as issuing tickets or seeking a resolution through the Bylaw Adjudication System may be necessary. 

Bylaw Inquiries & Complaints

Please contact Bylaw Enforcement regarding any inquiries or complaints through the following methods:

Report a Bylaw Violation

  • Email Bylaw Enforcement
  • Call Bylaw Enforcement at 250-344-2271 ext. 234
  • Fill out or pick up a form in person at Town Hall.

Once a complaint has been submitted, please allow up to seven business days for a response.

To learn more about specific Town of Golden bylaws, you can search using the Bylaws Search page.

Paying a Bylaw Ticket

The Town of Golden offers a number of ways to make a payment, whether you're paying your property taxes, or utility bill, renewing your dog licence or paying a ticket.

Make a Payment

Disputing a Bylaw Ticket