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Golden Fire Department

The Golden Fire Department is a 24 hour-a-day service that provides emergency fire, rescue, medical, and other related services to the Town of Golden. This service is provided by our highly-trained and well-equipped volunteer fire department members. Our volunteer firefighters receive payment for some of the services they provide but volunteer many hours to our community.

The Golden Fire Department is committed to protecting life, property and business from the effects of fire and disasters. The Golden Fire Department also assists with medical emergencies.

A significant portion of our Mission can be accomplished through fire prevention, education and emergency preparedness programs and, when called upon, we will provide a safe, rapid, professional and compassionate response to emergencies.

In order to deliver the services needed to accomplish our Mission, the fire department is organized into two major divisions:

  • Operations & Training - Responsible for the delivery of emergency services including fire, rescue and emergency medical responses. This division is also responsible for achieving and maintaining the skills and expertise required by the firefighters to deliver these services. The Golden Fire Department responds to approximately 300 emergency calls per year.
  • Fire Prevention - Responsible for fire inspections, plan reviews, permits, investigation and public education. The fire department conducts approximately 400 property fire safety inspections per year and provides many hours of public education in a variety of areas.

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Mike Pecora, Fire Chief 

Becoming a Firefighter

Firefighters posed in front of a fire truck

Men and women between the ages of 19 and 55 who are in good physical condition and have the desire to participate in emergency Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical activities are eligible to apply for positions with the Fire Department.  

Participation as a volunteer brings personal rewards and satisfaction, raises self-esteem, and gives a tremendous sense of accomplishment for a job well done. It also involves working as a team under, sometimes, very difficult circumstances. Assisting your community by being a volunteer firefighter provides our citizens with valuable services that touch many of their lives.

Volunteers are paid on-call for their response, training and practices

Once you understand what is involved in being a member of our fire department and you find that you are able to make the commitment required, please apply to join us. The Golden Fire Department is always accepting applications with recruitment taking place a few times a year.