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Short Term Rentals in the Town of Golden

On Dec. 1, 2020 Council voted to adopt three bylaws aimed to regulate short term rentals. Read the news release here for more information.

Please refer to the Council report which contains the bylaws and the FAQ sheet for more information.

Under the new regulations, the following is permitted in residential zones:
  • A permanent resident may operate a B&B (rental of rooms) within a single detached dwelling.
  • A permanent resident may operate a STR (rental of a dwelling unit) within a single detached dwelling with a secondary suite, if they live in the other suite.
  • Within a single titled duplex one can either live in one half and operate a B&B or live in one half and operate a STR in the other half.
  • All are subject to the permanent resident residing on the property and occupying their residence during the commercial STR/B&B use of up to three bedrooms. 
  • After hearing from the hotel association, short term rentals will be expanded to also include the C4 and C6 zones in addition to the C1, C2 and C3 zones.

Under the new regulations, the following is prohibited in residential zones:
  • A B&B or STR must not be on a property that contains a Detached Secondary Residential Dwelling (ex. carriage house). A B&B/STR must be within the principal building.
  • Rental of an entire single detached dwelling.
  • A B&B/STR in a multi-family residential building or in a manufactured home zone. 
Background and relevant documents (from oldest to newest):