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The Operations and Public Works Department are the people front and centre to residents. This department ensures the day-to-day functionality of the systems and infrastructure that provide our basic community needs for living.

The Town of Golden’s Operations Crew is comprised of 14 members who are responsible for many municipal services including:

  • Water, sewer and storm system construction and maintenance;
  • Road, sidewalk and pathway construction and maintenance;
  • Streetlight maintenance;
  • Sports field, parks and playground maintenance;
  • Building and facility operation and maintenance, some of which include the arena, swimming pool, municipal campground, Public Works and Town Hall
  • Cemetery operation and maintenance;
  • Airport operation and maintenance.

The priority of the Operations Department is ensuring efficient and effective delivery of clean drinking water and maintaining safe roads throughout the year by providing snow removal and road maintenance in a timely manner.

The Operations Department also provides support to special events, as required, through help with landscape preparations, additional seating, and garbage removal.

Chris, Cochran
Manager of Operations

Phone: 250-344-2271 ext. 226
Email: ops@golden.ca

Additional department contact information:

Golden Public Works Shop & Yard 
Phone: 250-344-6017

Golden Arena/Pool:
Phone: 250-344-8279