Dog Park Update: Reopening

At yesterday’s Regular Open Council Meeting, Council voted unanimously in favour of renewing an agreement with a refreshed and new Golden Off-Leash Dog Park Society (GOLDPS) to reopen the Golden Off-Leash Dog Park on 12th Street South.

Staff are currently working with GOLDPS on a renewed agreement. Stay tuned for more details on the reopening and stay up-to-date on the dog park by following the Golden Off Leash Dog Park page on Facebook.


Since 2018, GOLDPS has partnered with the Town of Golden to maintain the dog park on 12th Street South. This partnership involved volunteer maintenance of the facility as a condition of Council’s decision to provide this service. This spring, staff was notified that the GOLDPS had planned to dissolve due to a lack of volunteer interest. At the June 21 Council meeting, Council made the decision to discontinue the service and directed staff to decommission the dog park due to staffing considerations involved with maintaining the dog park moving forward.

Following Council’s decision in June, local community member Charlie Muir, approached GOLDPS to take over volunteer management of the park. Since then, she has recruited 20 committed volunteers, conducted informal public engagement on social media about dog park usage, and has developed a dog park maintenance plan as part of an overarching two-phased plan for the dog park moving forward, including plans to seek alternative locations for the future.

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