Golden Fire Rescue wants you!

IMG_4846-(1).JPGIf you have a desire to serve the community, help others and thrive in a team oriented environment, volunteering with Golden Fire Rescue (GFR) might be just the opportunity you are looking for.

The Golden Fire Department operates 24 hours a day and provides emergency fire, rescue, medical, and other related services to the Town of Golden. The organization and the services it provides are largely due to the volunteer members who are integral to the success of GFR.

Volunteering can bring many personal rewards and satisfaction. It also involves working as a team - sometimes under very difficult circumstances. Assisting your community by being a volunteer firefighter provides our citizens with valuable services that touch many of their lives.

Being a firefighter can be challenging, exciting and fulfilling. The relationships that are forged within the GFR team are some that will last a lifetime.

Volunteers also gain valuable skills through ongoing training and professional development opportunities. These skills include first aid certification and learning fire safety - both of which can be used in every day life situations. To learn more or to apply, visit the Departments tab on our homepage and select "Fire Rescue", email or click HERE.

Golden Fire Rescue also participates in various educational and fire prevention initiatives throughout the year. One such initiative is Burn Awareness Week - this year running from February 4th to 10th, 2018.

Sponsored by the BC Professional Fire Fighters ' Burn Fund, Burn Awareness Week aims to teach kids to be responsible for their own safety. Anyone can access the program online, which includes burn awareness safety tip information, activity sheets, quizzes, colouring pages and animated videos.
Golden Fire Chief Dave Balding encourages families to practice safety together!

"Incorporating a little fun into practicing safety is a great way for parents and children to learn together. For example, parents can practice the Stop, Drop and Roll scenario with their kids."

A few Burn Awareness Week 2018 safety tips:

_ When using water taps, turn COLD water on first. Then add HOT water and adjust the temperature. Reverse the order when turning water off: HOT water first, then the COLD water.

_ Be very careful when drinking HOT liquids, especially around children. At 60C (140F) it takes less than five seconds to get a third degree (full thickness) burn.

_ Matches and lighters are tools for grownups, and need to be used in a responsible manner. Reinforce the concept that like power tools or a knife, the match is a tool with specific uses, such as lighting a stove or a candle.

_ Discuss strategies for children on how they can get out of situations that involve fire.

_ Children should be supervised while in the kitchen. Talk about safe places to play.

_ If they are burned, tell children to immediately seek assistance from an adult. Cooling the burned area will lessen the severity of the injury if the procedure is performed immediately following the burn incident.

_ Children need to know the correct procedure for cooling a burn injury. Within seconds of a burn injury the burned area should be placed in, or flushed with, cool water. Keep the burned area in the cool water for 10 to 15 minutes. NEVER use ice, ointments or butter.

_ If the burn injury is severe, immediately seek emergency assistance. Instruct children how to dial 9-1-1, or your community 's local emergency number.

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