Notice of Application: Development Variance Permit - Veselic

The owner of 520 6th Street South wishes to construct an accessory structure which will be a Detached Secondary Residential Dwelling (DSRD) i.e. carriage house. The property is zoned R-2 Twin Residential and this is a permitted accessory use in the zone. Three variances to Zoning Bylaw 1294, 2011 are proposed: Section 6.2– Accessory Buildings and Structures – requires:

  • 2) When located within a residential Zone, Accessory Buildings and Structures shall:
    • a. not have a total Ground Floor Area among all Accessory Buildings and Structures, exceeding the lesser of 65 m or 50% of the Ground Floor Area of the Principal Building.

The proposed variance would allow the ground floor area of the accessory building to equal 77.5 m2 Section 9.5 – Secondary Residential Dwellings – requires:

  • Subsection 9.5.1 Detached Secondary Residential Dwellings, including either a Coach House or Garden Suite, shall:
    • e. be sited a minimum distance of 4.0 m from the Principal Building;

The proposed variance would allow the DSRD to be at last 3.2 m from the Principal Building. Schedule E – f) Minimum Yard Setbacks – requires:

  • Detached Secondary Residential Dwellings – Interior Lot Line 3.0 m.

The proposed variance would allow the DSRD to be 2.0 m from the interior lot line. Schedule E – g) Maximum Building Heights – requires:

  •  Detached Secondary Residential Dwelling the lesser of 7.5 m or the height of the Principal Building.

The proposed variance would allow the DSRD to be approximately 1.6 m higher than the principle building for a total of 7.6m. 

How can I find out more?

Background information and details are available by clicking here, or may be viewed at Town Hall, from Thursday, April 8, 2021 to Tuesday, May 4, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Due to COVID-19, Town Hall may be closed to the public, have visitation limits, or reduced hours and therefore copies of the background material will also be provided next to the bulletin board adjacent to the entrance of Council Chambers at Town Hall (810 9th Ave S.). The entrance to Council Chambers is located adjacent to Park Drive (across from Element Therapeutics). For more information contact: Colin MacPhee, Planning and Development Technician at 250.344.2271 ext. 240 or

How can I give feedback?

Anyone who considers themselves affected by the proposed application and wishes to register an opinion may do so by:

Written submission:

By forwarding written submissions for Council consideration (attention of the Manager of Legislative Services) by:

  1. Dropping it off at the Town Hall mail slot.
  2. By post (P.O. Box 350, Golden B.C. V0A 1H0).
  3. By email to (only emails sent to this email will form part of the Council Agenda).

Any submissions must be received by 12 pm. (noon) on Thursday, April 29, 2021.

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