Notice: Water Shutdown on 9th Avenue North⁣ May 26 at 11:59 p.m.

Please be advised that there will be an extended water shutdown tonight as part of the 9th Ave. N Downtown Street Renewal project. This will be the final extended shutdown. The water shutdown will impact residents and businesses in the area from the Post Office to the CP Bunkhouse between the Kicking Horse River and Highway 95 (see highlighted area on the map below). The remainder of the community will not be affected by the shut-down.⁣

Final Shutdown - Tonight: Starting Thursday, May 26 at 11:59 p.m.⁣

  • The outage is expected to last up to 8 hours overnight starting at midnight tonight.⁣
  • The intersection at 7th St N and 9th Ave N intersection (adjacent to IGA) will be closed during the shutdown.⁣

Keeping in mind that the water shutdown will be taking place overnight, here are some tips to prepare for a water outage:⁣

  • Fill pots on the stove with water for cooking. ⁣
  • Fill potable water containers for drinking.⁣
  • If you think you’ll need to flush the toilet overnight, fill the bathtub with water and use a bucket to flush.⁣
  • During a water outage, try not to operate the water faucets. This will prevent air from entering your plumbing.⁣
  • If you have an automatic irrigation system please ensure it is shut-off.
Public Notices