Town of Golden to implement Golden Municipal Airport Strategic and Tactical Plan

On March 16, Town Council adopted the Golden Municipal Airport Strategic and Tactical Plan, outlining a 10-year action plan for the airport’s future.

“The viability investigation of our airport is a Council strategic priority for this term of office,” said Mayor Ron Oszust. “As a Council, we are pleased to see the project moving forward and recognize the important role of the Golden Airport from both community social benefits to regional economic development opportunities.”

The Airport Strategic and Tactical Plan builds on the detailed analysis and findings of the Airport Assessment and Business Case presented in October 2020. The plan includes:

  • Forward-looking role and vision statements;
  • A new model of governance that provides an opportunity for involvement by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD), aviation stakeholders, key regional entities, and public members at large;
  • A strategy for improving the Airport’s maintenance that balances operational needs with other municipal priorities;
  • A list of the capital projects required to address aviation safety and regulatory compliance matters; rehabilitate assets; and facilitate business development;
  • Capital funding opportunities and strategies for increasing operating revenues;
  • A strategy for the continued involvement of the CSRD in funding the Airport’s operating deficit, and expanded involvement in governance and capital investments;
  • Identification of regional partnerships and steps to be taken to attract additional activity at the Airport; and
  • A comprehensive strategy for implementing the recommendations related to the preceding objectives and monitoring progress.

“This is one of the most fulsome and rewarding operations analysis based initiatives we have undertaken in recent history,” explained the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer, Jon Wilsgard. “We now have a practical and realistic plan moving forward over the next 10 years that will help bring the facility up to a standard of improvement and operations that should encourage and producer higher traffic, revenues and overall activity.”

As part of the Strategic and Tactical Plan, Town staff are prepared to implement the majority of the proposed 2021 action items this year. This includes replacing and improving signage, implementing lease rate revisions, decommissioning Taxiway C, starting the airport tree removal program, and redesigning the airport webpage on

For more information on the project, and to view the Strategic and Tactical Plan, visit

Project Background:
In 2019, the Town of Golden commissioned HM Aero Aviation Consulting to conduct a comprehensive review of the current and potential future roles of the Golden Municipal Airport. The study involved the evaluation of airport infrastructure, operations, financial standing, and the identification of potential aeronautical and non-aeronautical business opportunities. A fundamental component of the study included engaging with local, regional, and national stakeholders to obtain perspectives on future opportunities that could enhance the economic and social benefit of the Airport. In October 2020, Town Council voted unanimously to continue the operation of the Golden Airport as an aerodrome and directed HM Aero to undertake the preparation of a Strategic and Tactical Plan to facilitate this direction.

In 2020, 4,219 aircraft movements were recorded at the Golden Municipal Airport, a 20 per cent reduction compared to previous years due to COVID-19 restrictions.