2022 Utility Bills

Annual residential utility bills are now in the mail!

Every year the Town of Golden sets utility rates at the lowest amount possible to deliver current services, while still providing enough funding to maintain, upgrade and repair infrastructure.

Here are the services that your utility bill pays for:

Water Services rates and services charges support:

  • Five groundwater wells with a combined total pumping capacity of 125 litres per second.  One well remains out of service with plans to drill a replacement in the future. 
  • Five reservoirs with a total storage capacity of about 6.96 Mega Litres.
  • Maintenance of approximately 39 kilometres of water pipes.
  • Ongoing work to protect our water with a robust groundwater protection program.
  • Operations crews ready to respond to address service interruptions.

2022 will mark year three of a five-year program to renew and upgrade all existing water and sanitary related radio communications and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) hardware and software. Renewal of this equipment is critical to the ongoing accurate monitoring, control and alarm call-out functions associated with the numerous facilities and their day-to-day functions.  This project will support improvements for both water and sewer services.

Sewer Services rates and services charges support:

  • A collection system that has the capacity to process 4251 cubic metres per day of effluent.
  • Maintenance of approximately 36 kilometres of sewer lines.
  • Seven lift stations and one sewage treatment plant.

Utility fees collected also play an important role in leveraging higher-level government funding for larger asset renewal initiatives. A grant application of about $1.3 million was submitted for sewer system work, including sewage treatment plant and sewer collection system renewals. The application is still being adjudicated, if successful work may being in 2022. 

Garbage and Recycling Services:

  • Garbage and recycling is collected from over 1400 households in Golden.
  • Garbage (bear-resistant black bins) is collected every week and recycling (blue bins) every two weeks.
  • Management of the single-family residential recycling with the Recycle BC program. Recycle BC holds contracts with many municipalities and regional districts to facilitate depot services, and transport of accepted materials back to large recycling facilities.
  • For garbage and recycling tips, visit golden.ca/curbsidecollection

Utility bills arrive every year in February in the mail. Payment is due March 31, 2022. If you do not receive one, please contact the Town offices at 250-344-2271 or email utilities@golden.ca.

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