Ice Jam Update: January 3, 2022 at 7 a.m.


Town crews have continued to monitor the river over the last few days. While the current ice jam remains securely locked in place on the Kicking Horse River, water and ice levels have risen as the river struggles to make its way through the ice to the Columbia. As of 9 p.m. yesterday, the river appeared to have stabilized, with the Province monitoring the river closely overnight, specifically over the Highway 95 bridge. 
Several cautionary actions have been taken by the Town, including:
Placing approximately 7m of jersey barriers and sandbags on the dike from the east end of the new floodwall toward the Highway 95 bridge. This still represents a short, but height deficient, area of the dike that will eventually be addressed by the Province when the Highway 95 bridge replacement project is undertaken. It is clear that the new flood protection wall along The River Walk is functioning well to protect the downtown core.
A number of sandbags have been provided to Gould’s Island for assistance.
The Province will be placing an excavator on stand-by near the Highway 95 bridge, should it be needed.
Key fire department apparatus has been relocated to the north side of the river.

The Province has authorized the Town to excavate the secondary channel where it re-enters the main channel of the Kicking Horse River. During the last major ice jam, this helped disperse and increase water flow in the river. The excavation is planned for this morning.  
The Riverglen neighbourhood and a few other areas of Town have experienced some minor pooling.
We would like to remind residents to please stay away from the river banks as the ice is not stable.
We will continue to provide further updates on progress as they become available.