Ice Jam Update: January 4, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Yesterday, two excavators worked the river in different locations in an effort to locate ice blockages and increase water flow between the Highway 95 bridge and the leading edge of the ice jam.  An excavation along Kicking Horse Trail revealed a substantial flow, indicating that the water moving along the edge of the new floodwall was successfully making its way to the Columbia. 
Excavation at the endpoint of the secondary channel revealed large and deep pooling with very little flow, although it appears water is moving in a limited amount along the south bank. Both excavators were redeployed to the south bank and downstream from the pedestrian bridge until dark.
Today, crews will use excavators to carve out a trough, working upstream to the secondary channel with a goal to eventually reach a point where water will find its way there and lower the level in the secondary channel. The excavators are limited by the length of their reach as it is too dangerous to mobilize equipment over the ice and by the dike itself, which in some areas prevents suitable access to the river. A third excavator, with a longer reach, will be deployed later this morning to work the ice upstream from the ice jam’s leading edge on the south bank near Riverglen.
Water and ice levels have otherwise remained stable throughout the night and excavation work will continue shortly this morning. 
Residents are reminded of the instability of an ice jam and the dangers it presents. Do not in any circumstance enter the river channels.

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