Ice Jam Update: January 5, 2022 at 4 p.m.

The three excavators have continued to break up ice in the river today. Now finished, the long boom machine has successfully opened up a large portion of the leading edge of the ice jam and water is flowing well. The other two excavators have successfully opened a channel along the south bank of the river from the end of the secondary channel to the leading edge of the ice jam past Riverglen. While the water flow along this route is still not optimum, rudimentary water gauges are showing a drop in water and ice heights overall and the ice is noticeably cracking and settling throughout the ice jam.
With warming temperatures arriving by Saturday, it is anticipated that the water will naturally carve its way further through the ice and begin re-entering the centre of the river. Work will be significantly ramped down from this point as we monitor our efforts for success. 
We remind residents that the ice jam remains an unstable and dangerous mass and in no circumstances should be approached. Excavators have been forced to side cast large amounts of river ice onto the dike surface creating variable walking conditions in certain areas. Please use caution when walking in these sections and do not climb the ice piles as they can be unstable.
We would like to gratefully acknowledge the professional and financial assistance by staff from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure over the past several days and our own local machine operators for their fantastic work and experience.
A big thank you to the residents of Golden for staying safe along the river banks and supporting us through this event.

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