New update on windstorm clean up

Work-Update-January-31-2018.jpgWith upwards of 30,000 cubic metres of debris brought down throughout the community in the July 2017 windstorm, it has been a long process to clean up, and ensure the public safety of the Rotary Trail and many other areas in the community.

As planned, the small-scale salvage operation in the blowdown area behind the campground and high school began on January 8, 2018.

Pioneer Forest Consulting Ltd. has informed the Town that they have completed removal of trees in the blowdown areas near the Golden Municipal Cemetery and behind the Selkirk Heights subdivision. The remaining work will include hauling the logs out. 

Last week, the contractor began removing trees from the slope behind the campground. It is anticipated that it will take at least three weeks to complete this very complicated work.

We are still having issues with the public removing our signs and walking into the work zone. We ask again that the community heed all signs and blockades. Please do not enter any marked areas as they are officially closed and remain unsafe at this time with active tree falling being undertaken!

To learn more about this project and to view the official news release, please visit the Public Notices section of our website,, or click HERE.

Public Notices