Second phase of repairs to Pedestrian Bridge now complete


The second phase of repairs to the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge is now complete!

The installation of the new sidewalls on the exterior length of the bridge on both sides wrapped up this week. The sidewalls are necessary to prevent water from entering the lower supporting timber structure.

The Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge repair project was initiated in late 2017 after a scheduled condition assessment of the structure in 2016 uncovered structural issues and causes for failure.

International Timber Frames Inc. and sub-contractor Jackson Contracting & Excavating undertook this unique and challenging project that first saw the building and installation of jacking pads that enabled the contractor to lift the north and south ends of the bridge to make the necessary repairs. Work continued with the bridge elevated  in order  to cut, remove and replace sub-structure timber arch elements at all four corners of the structure. In addition, crews installed Borate rods to protect against future moisture related rot. Once the bridge was lowered and re-secured, work could begin on the bridge panels, which were assembled offsite and then installed onsite using an innovative roller system. 

Over the spring and summer of 2018, rain gutters will be installed on the bridge. The bridge is expected to remain open to the public during this time.

Funding for the repairs comes through Town of Golden reserves, the Resort Municipality Initiative, and a grant from the Columbia Basin Trust.

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