Want to play a key role in Golden’s largest annual granting program?

The Town of Golden’s Community Funds Local Selection Committee needs a new member!

This Council Committee is responsible for adjudicating the annual granting process for over $300,000 into our community from the Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Initiatives Program.

This very rewarding role requires just 5 mandatory meetings a year, a measure of confidentiality, a commitment to review funding applications and participate in adjudication sessions, and the delight in helping community residents and groups reach their dreams. Over a number of years this committee has approved millions of dollars in projects to various community applicants.

Required meeting attendance includes once in early December, once in mid-February, two consecutively in early March, and one in late March.

The committee of 9 includes a member from Council, the Electoral Director (or designate), two directors from the Golden and District Community Foundation and five other members ‘at large’ from the Golden area.

The Vacancy is for an ‘at large’ member and can be living in either the Town of Golden or Area ‘A’. 

If you would like to be a member of this very rewarding community committee, forward a detailed letter explaining why you would be a great candidate by Friday, November 12, 2021 to:

Jon Wilsgard, Corporate Officer
Or drop off your letter at Town Hall

Learn more about the committee by clicking here. Address questions to the email above or call 250.344.0155