Windrow clearing

There is more snow in the forecast! Streets of Golden are maintained on a priority basis, established by making sure hills, major streets, and emergency routes are cleared first to ensure public safety. Residents are reminded that plow trucks have a fixed under-body plow that discharges snow to the curb line. Plow trucks are not used for driveway windrow clearing.

Residents are responsible for windrow clearing across property accesses/parking areas, whether in a driveway or on a boulevard, unless they qualify for the Windrow Clearing Assistance program. This program is intended to assist seniors and persons with disabilities.

When clearing driveways clear to the right (when facing the street) and try to wait until the equipment has gone through at least once. Crews often return to widen roads, resulting in additional sidecasting and windrowing across driveways. Widening is done to make sure adequate emergency vehicle access is maintained.

Individuals on the windrow clearing list are reminded that per the snow clearing policy, windrows are attended to only after initial storm cleanup has occurred which may take as little as a few days or as much as several days depending on the severity of the storm, staff capacity, equipment breakdowns, etc. Those located on the north and south benches are reminded that windrows will be cleared when the grader and loaders are on the streets in those areas. Windrows are not cleared with the plow trucks.

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